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Stay with whom you trust. We at Kipling Car & Truck Service proceed with only the work you approve, using only the quality parts that you accept. If we think using parts from an auto recycler is a viable alternative, we will advise you of this option. However, you have the choice, and YOU make the decision. Not some claims adjuster in… well who knows where.

Many people will say that the “Insurance company recommended garages” got their preferred status based on the number of corners they’re willing to cut.

Jorgen Mueller and Gavin Dunn are proud of the work done by their team at Kipling Car & Truck Service. If your car is important to you and if it is important that it continues to run the way it did before the difficulties, call us at (416) 231-7701. We will help you with the insurance paperwork, and we can speak to your claims adjuster if need be. Our team will fix it right. The way you want it fixed! After all, it is your car and it is you who should make these decisions.

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