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Did you know that the main cause of failed mufflers is simply a broken clamp? And that the cost of a clamp amounts to pocket change? If you’re aware of this, chances are you already deal with us, because at Kipling Car & Truck Service we believe an informed customer is a contented customer. We like to help take the mystery out of automotive repairs. Our clients really appreciate that. Besides, explaining about all of the “little extras” we provide is good for business.

For example, when you bring your car in for an oil change, our technicians always check the exhaust system. Just a “little wiggle here, and a little wiggle there” to make sure everything is firm and tight. You may not even be aware, and yet this simple precaution could save you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary repairs.

How? Because those “little wiggles” pre-test the clamps. If a clamp gives out while your vehicle is in operation, it could well lead to extensive exhaust system repairs. Repairs that were preventable! Like so many other things our technicians do, taking the time to check the clamps on your muffler and pipes can save you unnecessary expense.

This alone won’t prevent exhaust failures. But if you do require an exhaust system, we can help with that as well. And our mufflers come with a Lifetime Warranty, of course. But our mufflers also come with something extra. They come with a little wiggle, too!

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When you receive the notice saying your car must pass the Ontario Drive Clean emissions test before you can get your new license plate sticker … relax. Kipling Car & Truck Service is an accredited Drive Clean test & repair facility. We’ll make the inspection trouble-free for you, and have you on your way without delay.

Here’s what will take place, and how easy it will be:

A Drive Clean-certified technician will ease your vehicle onto a dynamometer, a kind of treadmill. One end of an exhaust hose is inserted into your car’s tailpipe, the other to a machine that measures the output of pollutants like nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. The dynamometer’s treadmill will then be engaged to simulate driving conditions during which your car is tested and compared to emission standards for its year, make and model, with some allowances made for its actual age. The test results interface with a super computer at the Ministry of Transportation, and are recorded on a printed form – a copy of which we sign and give to you.

That’s it. Done! While it may sound complicated, the Drive Clean test is a routine undertaking for the skilled technicians at Kipling Car & Truck Service. And at only $35.00, it’s affordable for every motorist, and a small price we can all pay to help safeguard our environment.

Are you familiar with the shocking statistics concerning pollution that were released by the Ontario Medical Association (OMA)? They say air pollutants in Ontario kill 1900 people, and result in 9,800 hospital admissions, 13,000 emergency room visits and 47 million sick days for employees. That’s in only one year! And they found a particularly strong correlation between occurrences of childhood asthma and exposure to pollutants from motor vehicles. It’s all so very tragic and sad.

Findings like those in the OMA study make all of us here at Kipling Car & Truck Service proud to represent Ontario’s Drive Clean Program in the Toronto area. We hope to make the Drive Clean experience an easy one for you. Please call us to schedule a convenient time for your vehicle’s test soon after receiving the notice from the Ministry of Transportation. That way we can all breathe a little easier.

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We are actively involved in the Toronto community. If you have children or grandchildren in minor sports, you’ve probably noticed the name ‘Kipling Car & Truck Service’ on team sweaters. Supporting the fabric of one’s community is what independent business is all “about”.

And are we ever proud of the young ones. They are our future. Independent business contributes to the quality of life in Toronto in a way that huge corporations cannot. Helping children develop the necessary skills to grow and take their place in society is a part of what Kipling Car & Truck Service is all about.

It is nice to know that as our customer, you, too, are helping to ensure our youth is learning first hand about team spirit, about reaching goals and striving for excellence. Together we are building a better community.

So, if you are in the stands at a youth game, and see Kipling Car & Truck Service working as a team, cheer loudly for the kids, and give an extra cheer for yourself since you are contributing to their development.

Thank you.

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The leading cause of traffic accidents is brake failure. WOW!


And brake failure is nearly always preventable. Stop worrying about potential failures and enjoy peace of mind. Kipling Car & Truck Service is a brake specialist.

Come in for a brake inspection. We will check

  • Pads and shoes for wear
  • Drums and rotors for wear
  • Wheel cylinders and calipers for leaks
  • Hydraulic lines and hoses for leaks, kinks and blockages
  • Fluid in the master cylinder for level and condition.

Checking your brake system regularly will often save you in the long run. Replacing worn pads before they damage the disks or drums is a modest cost. If you wait until your car is sounding like a streetcar, you will likely have more extensive repairs and a higher cost.

If any work is necessary, we will give you a choice of parts. A better grade of materials (pads for example) may be one of the best bargains around. They will last longer and perform better then standard grades. You are in control. Both here at Kipling Car & Truck Service and on the road when the need arises.

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Air Conditioning

Remember the hazy, lazy days of summer. Lying on the beach, cooling off in the water. Then walking back to the car, opening the door and being hit with the wall of super heated air. First thing is to start the car and put the air conditioning on full force.

If you have an older car, the refrigerant used is likely freon or R-12. However, R-12, is partially responsible for depletion of the ozone layer. The refrigerant is no longer manufactured and its use is strictly controlled. If you have a failure with your air conditioning system, you will likely require a conversion kit to modify the type of coolant used to a much less harmful R-134a. These conversions are reliable, and let you do your part to protect the environment.

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